1. You want to add staff members to your Enrolmy Account.
  2. You want to edit a staff member's details.
  3. You want to resend an invite to a staff member.
This document assumes you understand the following.
  • Admin and Support staff members will be able to access your Enrolmy account settings.

  • Tutors will only be able to access the mobile app.


  • Take care to use the correct capitalisation of the emails that you type into the add staff section.

How To Add Staff To Enrolmy

  1. Click the Plus (+) next to Money
  2. Click Settings in the dropdown menu.
  3. From the Settings Menu on the left, under the Advanced section, click Manage Staff.
  4. You will then see the Create New Staff Account Page. Fill in the staff member's details here.
  5. Click the orange Create Account button in the bottom right corner of the page. This will send an invite via email to the staff member.




  • Staff who have not yet used the link will have a Placeholder status.
  • The staff member will need to use the email link within 24 hours. If the 24-hour period has elapsed, then you can resend the invite as shown below.

Resending the Invite Link

  1. Scroll to the staff member you want to reinvite.
  2. Click on the gear cog on the far right of the row.
  3. To reinvite the staff member, click Resend Invite. This will email them another 24-hour link which they can use to login to the system.
  4. To edit the staff member's details, click Edit.



Congratulations! You now know how to add staff members to your Enrolmy Account.




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