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This article shows you:

  • How you can access your invoices via your own account at any time.
  • How to set up your credit card to pay your subscriptions.
  • Enrolmy pricing plans.

All up to date pricing is on our website, under pricing, you will see the available plans listed with the student numbers allowed within each one


Classes and Lessons and Holiday Programme Plans 


Xero Integration Add On 


Before and After School Plans



Xero Integration and WINZ Reconciliation Add Ons




Enrolmy Enterprise Option




Here you will find information relating to your Enrolmy subscription


You can access your invoices via your own account at any time

  • 'My Subscription' (monthly plan and cost)
  • 'My Invoices' (your subscription invoices, which are generated automatically and uploaded to your site each month)


My subscription tab



1. My Subscription Payments

Here we ask Providers to enter their company card details, this is our default payment option, making things more simple for both Enrolmy and the provider, payment can be taken automatically on a monthly basis - you can use either a debit, credit card or pre-load a prezzie card. If your organisation does not have a company card, we do offer a direct debit facility, facilitated by Ezi-Debit, there is a very small charge, of which we bear the larger portion.



2. My Invoices

Here you can quickly and easily access all your subscription invoices - historical and current - as well as view and/or print them if you need to keep hard copies.


My invoices tab



Any questions regarding your subscription plan/costs and invoices, please contact the Enrolmy team for assistance.



How to set up my credit card to pay for my subscriptions - No additional charges


1. Access your settings within Enrolmy

2. Select "Add Card"


Add credit card


3.  Enter your card details as below:


Enter credit card details



Now your monthly subscriptions will be collected Monthly





Ezi debit collection


Ezi-Debit Collection - $5.00 surcharge

This is very quick and simple for us to set up, we can enter the majority of your business information, then send you a link to complete the bank details yourself online, we will load the payment schedule for you which will again be a monthly collection on the same day each month for your subscription amount.  When, and if your plan moves up as your students increase and your business grows, we can easily edit these details at our end.

Alternatively, we can set this up entirely with you over the phone if you prefer.

There is an $.80 approx direct debit transaction fee to the provider on each collection.


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