1. You want to access your organisation invoices
  2. You want to know your Enrolmy Subscription Plan Details 


Billing & Account in Enrolmy

Access your subscription and billing information in the billing and account section within the settings area of your Enrolmy Account. You can access following information within the My Subscription section;

  • Your Enrolmy plan name
  • Your active child number
  • Your plan's child cap number
  • Who the organisation account holder is
  • Your monthly subscription payment method
  • Your organisation Credit/Debit Card update option



Within the My Invoices section you can access the following information;

  • All of your monthly subscription invoices
  • Printable options for your monthly subscription invoices



How To Find Your Subscription Details

You can access your subscription details and organisation invoices at any time. 

  1. Log into your Enrolmy account
  2. Select your business name at the top of the page
  3. Select the pop-up window and it will take you to the "My Subscription" section



Any questions regarding your subscription plan/costs and invoices, please contact the Enrolmy team for assistance.







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