How to use the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App

Enrolmy Phone App

A guide to the phone app and its overall management and functions

Enrolmy Mobile Phone App

Enrolmy on the fly ! You can now find the Enrolmy App by going to your Itunes store if you have an Apple product, or for Android the Google Play Store.  This is a great tool for tutors and staff to access activity and student data on the fly, together with emergency contacts without being tied to a desk.

The phone app is designed purely to sign children in and out, and access student information including emergency contacts.

Once you have downloaded the app to your phone, you can log in using your normal Enrolmy credentials

The current version allows you to do the following:

- All customers search (Tutors will only be able to search for parents/children that attend activities they run)

- All activities search (Tutors will only be able to see their activities)

- The ability to sign children in and out, or mark as absent, each day (not attendance reconciliation, but sign in/out like the tablet)

- Important information heads-up/alerts - all the critical information you need to know about the children in your care in one easy to digest feed (alergies/medical info, authorized pickups, unauthorized persons, photo permission).   You'll be able to go into each activity and see which children have these special requirements.

- Tap to SMS from app (one customer at a time only)

Future versions (locked in):

- Improved security (ensuring phones have pin/password protection)

- Attendance notes - the ability to write notes back to whoever is reconciling attendance

- Custom questions showing in customer full details

- Showing teams

Future versions (ideas / not locked in):

- Roll call / head count

- Tap to SMS multiple customers

How to log in


Enrolmy For Providers Mobile Application:

1. Download the app from Google play store or App Store depending on your device.

2. Open Enrolmy for Providers application on your device and log in using your staff login credentials. (The same as your tablet/desktop credentials)

3. Once logged in, select the organization you are with and continue to use the mobile application as you were before.


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Regular Use - Problem Solving - General Housekeeping

If you see any of the following or have issues similar, follow the problem solving techniques first before contacting us.

1. Server Error - Log out and log in, this is displayed to force the log out process for updates.

2. No Activities showing - Ensure the tutor/staff are assigned to the activity they expect to see, this is done on the "Edit Activity" page on the desktop, you add the staff who need to view this on their mobile.  Also check you are in the correct tab the app displays as the desktop version, showing all activities, current and future

3. Names missing from the list of attendees - Make sure you are checking the corresponding days with that of the attendance screen on the desktop, the phone and Ipad's only work on a daily bases, on the day, also ensure that they are in-fact not on a waiting list, or have been marked not attending. Also Ensure you are in the correct activity

4. Names that were previously signed out, have reappeared as not signed out at all - once again, log out and log back in again.

For any of the above or other issues you have encountered that have NOT been resolved with the following methods, then please raise a case with our Customer Support Team

1. Log out and in again

2. Restart your device

3. Uninstall and re-install the app

4. Ensure all updates for your device are up to date

5. Ensure all staff are assigned to the activities they should be

6. Ensure children are not on waiting lists, marked present, or any other anomaly

7. Ensure you are in the correct activity, the tabs match the desktop display for all activities, current or future

August 2019 - 2nd Major Releases

Change Summary

The following improvements have been made to the mobile app:

  • The ability to add a child to the Sign In / Out list.
  • Child photos - the ability to take a head shot of each child and have it displayed in your app.
  • The ability to take roll calls during the day.
  • Tap and hold any contact to phone or text parent.

Adding a child to the Sign In/Out list

Children (attendees) can now be added to the Sign In/Out list even if they did not have a booking for the day.

To add an attendee to your Sign In/Out list, navigate in the mobile app to the Sign In/Out tab, and tab "Add attendee" which is located at the top of the screen.  You can then search for the child that you wish to add, select their name, and select the session that they are attending.  The child will then be added to the "No status" list and you can swipe to sign them in.   A booking for the child will also be made.


Attendee Photos

You can now take photos (head shots) for all your attendees to help recognise each child throughout the day.  Photos need to be taken using the Enrolmy app, you can not upload existing images of each child.

To take a photo, navigate to the "All Attendees" tab and tap on the name of the child that you want to add a photo to.  If the parent of that child has granted you permission to take photos of the child then you will be able to tap on the placeholder image, next to the child's name.  From here you will be prompted to allow the Enrolmy app permission to take photos, and you will then be guided through the steps to take a photo of the child.   Once you've taken a photo it is possible to zoom and move the image to position it correctly.

Roll Calls

We've added the ability to take roll calls with your mobile app at any of your activities throughout the day.   Roll calls can be used to help ensure a group remains together on field trips or after kids get back together from dispersed activity time.

Using Roll Calls

Within the mobile app, when you are inside an activity, you'll see a new "Roll Call" tab.  Tap on this and select "Create new roll call" to begin your first roll call for the day.

You'll need to select a name for each roll call.  You can choose from a list of pre-entered names (these can be customised via your Enrolmy Web App), or you can select the "Custom Text Entry" option to enter a unique name.


Once you've selected a name you will need to select which attendees are to be included in the roll call.  This is done by selecting from a list of filters, for example your different session names.


When you've chosen your which attendees are to be included in the roll call you'll be able to begin taking the roll call.   There are two lists, the "Not present" list and the "Present" list.   By default all attendees are marked as "Not present" until you swipe them to "Present".  Once all attendees are marked as "Present" then you can conclude the roll call by tapping the tick (Android) or "Done" (iOS) in the top right corner of the screen.


What if a child's name is not on the list?

Only children that match your chosen filters and that have been officially signed in for the day (either by the Enrolmy Parent Kiosk or Enrolmy Mobile App) will appear on the roll call list.

You can however add a child that did not match your chosen filters by tapping "Add attendee" at the top of the roll call list.  Here again only children that have been signed in for they day can be added to the roll call.

What if a child remains "Not present"

If you have finished your roll call and a child is still "Not present" then you must provide a reason for why the child is absent.

You'll be prompted to add a reason for why a child is absent on the roll call summary screen.  Simply enter the reason why the child is absent and tap the tick (Android) or "Done" (iOS) in the top right corner of the screen.


Running a roll call again

It is really easy to run the exact same roll call, with the same list of attendees, again.  This is useful if you're on a field trip and you want to take roll calls throughout that trip.  For example, once when children get on the bus, once when they're having their lunch, and again when they're getting on the bus to return home.

Using the field trip as an example, when children get on the bus to go on the trip you would create a new roll call for the trip.   At the end of the trip when you're ready to return you can re-run the same roll call that you made at the start of the day.

To re-run a roll call, go into your activity and tap the Roll Call tab.  You should see your previously run roll call under the list of "Completed" roll calls.   Tap this roll call and you will be taken to the roll call summary screen, at the top of this screen you will see the "Re-run this roll call" option.

When you tap "Re-run this roll call" an exact copy of the original roll call you created earlier in the day will be created, with the same name, same filters, but all children will again be marked as "Not present".  You can then begin your roll call again by swiping children in as "Present".

Roll Calls displayed in Enrolmy Web App

You will be able to find all your roll calls for each day under the Attendance tab in your Enrolmy Web App.  Here you will be able to clearly see when each roll call was taken, by whom, and the total number of children Present and Not present.  It is also possible to view a full list of all attendees and the reasons why "Not present" attendees were marked as absent.

Tap and hold to phone or text

Wherever a customers name is shown in a list (Customers tab, Attendees tab, Sign In/Out tab, Roll Call tab) it is possible to make a long tap (press and hold) to reveal a menu with contact options.  The options are:

  • Phone parent
  • Text parent
  • Open parent contact
  • Open contact

This makes it really handy to immediately contact a child's primary contact if you need to get in touch with them

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