1. You run a Before and After School Care Programme.
  2. You want to (or are thinking about) taking payments in Advance (Prepayments).
This document assumes the following.
  • You have a clear understanding of the business rhythm necessary to manage Before and After School care programmes where payment is requested in advance

  • The accounting processes associated with taking prepayments.

What is a prepayment request?

Prepayment Requests give you the option to request a Prepayment before the service is given.  BASC providers often use this facility, as it allows them the opportunity to collect payment in advance of the booking.

  • This is often used in conjunction with a cancellation policy which identifies the process if paid for bookings are missed.
  • It is also a good way to ensure commitment and receive the money in advance.

Please note:  Prepayments will be hidden from view for parents once the period that the Prepayment Request is set for has passed. It is assumed that invoices will have been generated by this time or very shortly afterwards which makes the prepayment request unnecessary.

For example, a Prepayment Request is made for the four weeks from March 6 to March 30. After March 30 the Prepayment Request will disappear from view for parents and they will no longer be obligated to pay it. Instead, they will be expected to pay any invoices that are created at this time in full.


How to Flag a parent as paying by Automatic Payment or Direct Debit 

Flagging from the Generate Prepayment Requests screen:

On the Generate Prepayment Requests screen, there is a column which shows the preferred payment method for the billpayer of each child. The purpose of this is to let providers filter out parents that are paying by Automatic Payment or Direct Debit so that they are not sent an unnecessary Prepayment Request.


The preferred payment method can be set by clicking on the circle in the column. This will display a popup with the possible payment method options. They are:

  • Pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cash.

  • Pay by Automatic Payment

  • Pay by Direct Debit

There is a filter that lets you easily filter out these AP and DD paying customers. The new filter is turned on by default.



From the Activity Invoicing tab:

If the activity has Prepayment Requests turned on then the Preferred Payment Method column will also appear on the Invoicing tab within the activity. The Preferred Payment Method can be set here by clicking on the circle button in the same way as on the Generate Prepayment Requests page.




Awesome! You now know what a prepayment request is and what it is used for. 

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