Setting up your Before and After School Care Programme

Setting up your Before and After School Care Programme

Here's how to create your first Before and After School Care programme, you can then use this as a base template for future programmes.

How to Set up BASC programmes

  1. Select 'Create an Activity' from within the Activity tab

  2. Select BASC

Select Before and After school care


  1. 3. Select BASC for Activity type and select the venue


4. Enter all information about the activity including ages, and all other details about the activities, which will display when live for parents to read and book


5. Move through the listing ensuring you add an appropriate photo which best describes your BASC visually, you can also upload documents here which parents can see and download


6. Sessions and Costs,

select the types of sessions you wish to run, and then the days and times field populates, enter in the information and daily cost Take care and time adding this information as this is not easily changed when bookings are made and causes payment issues to tidy up if incorrect Always have someone check your listing before making it live.


BASC can have a few options if you wish to offer breakfast and singular and full day sessions too

Now with the "Add On's feature, this is great to add bus pick ups, etc..


Session Times and cost BASC


7. Enter all details regarding the BASC: Attendance limit, Term, check days, times and cost, etc.



Before and After school setup details



8. You can drill further down to each day by expanding this selecting the cog to the right, and enter specific notes for that day, and check what you want to show available for that day.  


You may have the morning session booked quickly and choose to close it off or make adjustments



BASC Day confirmation


9. Discounts 

Add discounts if applicable to your activity you may wish to add an early bird booking, keep them simple and tread with care and caution, ensure you understand how these are applied to prevent greater issues. These discounts are automated based on the discount description and will add to the booking as soon as the criteria is met.  You may wish to add discounts to the family instead of the activity, please read the help document on discounts for further details.


10. Settings 

Proceed through the following Settings


Booking - This allows you to

  • Close bookings at a certain time the previous day.
  • Allows attendees to add themselves to a waiting list if the maximum number of allowed attendees has been reached.
  • Prevents attendees from editing their existing bookings within a specified period? (Parents will still be able to add new dates to their booking.)
  • Having attendees complete the Safety Form before attending nor not.
  • All of these settings are toggled on and off, if you have any strange things happen on your bookings you did not expect, always check your settings first before raising a potential system bug.


Invoice Settings This area covers:

  • The invoices due date
  • When invoices are generated (BASC is always in arrears)


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