1. You provide Holiday Programmes as part of your business.
  2. Your Holiday Programmes allow customers to book optional days and times across the week or weeks.
  3. You want to allow parents to book their children into your programme online.
This document assumes you know the following.
  • The prices and sessions of your activity.
  • How to set the prices and sessions up from the settings area.
  • The dates you will run your Holiday Programme for.

How to set up your Holiday Programme

Here's how to create your first Holiday programme, you can then use this as a base template for future programmes.

1. Select 'Create An Activity'

2. Select 'Holiday Programme' 

3. Select your run period

4. Click the 'Let's go!' button




5. Move through the displayed fields entering all information requested





6. Switch the visibility of the activity at the top of the page 




Ensure you set your times, costs and dates accurately, as once the activity goes live and you have bookings you cannot change these!


Session Times and cost

check holiday programme


Also ensure that your bookings are open if you want bookings to be available to be made, or closed if not.


session dates


Under your Invoice Settings, you need to select the number of days after the invoice is created that the payment is due.


 invoive settings


After you click 'save', your activity will save and appear in your Future Activities tab. You will see that there is an on/off button under public. Make sure you switch this on when you are ready to take bookings.




Awesome! You have set up your new holiday programme!


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