How to Set up - Free Trials for Lessons & Classes

How to Set up - Free Trials for Lessons & Classes

This is a guide on how to set up, manage and what to expect for the Free Trial Options

Free Trials for Lessons and Classes

It is now possible to offer Free Trial bookings for Lesson and Class based activities. This means that if an

activity is configured to accept free trials then children who have not attended activities before will be able to

book trial sessions. These can then be converted to a full booking if the child wishes to continue at the activity.

The provider can configure:

Whether the child can book into one or two free trial sessions at the activity.

A limit to the maximum number of free trials that can be booked at the activity.

Whether the policy is a “Free Trial” or “No Obligation Free Trial”

A “No Obligation Free Trial” means that the child will be charged for the cost of the Free Trial session if

they choose to continue attending the activity.

Parents will receive an email after their free trial has concluded inviting them to convert their booking from a

Free Trial booking into a Full Booking. If the parent chooses to make the booking a full booking then an

invoice will be made immediately for the parent.

How to Set-Up

Select the set up option of Class/Lesson as usual and progress through the activity detail, completing all fields as necessary.

When you have reached the section to select the free trial ensure you read fully all of the options available as below:

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image

When a free trial has been booked this is how it displays on the booking calendar, during the booking the customer can select which day they wish to choose for their free trial, the booking calendar will show you when their trial day is.

User-added image

Also as shown below, under the booked in tab, within the activity you can also see that they have booked a free trial, the 5/9 next to it symbolises the date of the trial, in this example it is the 5th September.

User-added image

NB:  Setting Choices  

"Free Trial" --> the free trial is always free

"No Obligation Free Trial" --> the free trial is free, unless you choose to continue, in which case you will be charged for your free trial

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