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Team Sorter

Once a parent has completed a registration, you can now start creating your team(s)

Once a parent has completed a registration, you can now start creating your team(s)

Within your Activities tab you will see all of the activities created.  Select your Team sorter activity, and now you can create teams.


create teams



You can see from the above image, that individuals can be added to teams, and moved around, to do so:


  • Select the child, and click the right cog
  • Select where to move them to this can be into a team within this set up or to another activity entirely


Within each team you can do various things:


  • Search by applying different filters.
  • Select all the children and exporting the list into a CSV.
  • Confirm and Invoice when you are happy with your final team allocation.
  • Add further teams should you wish.
  • Look at their enrolment forms.
  • Look to see who is on the waiting list.
  • Remove from the activity.

Sorting teams


Coach and Manager details are also displayed, but can be changed:


  • Select the cog icon to the far right of the individuals names.
  • Edit their details by clicking on the Manager or Coach symbol
  • OR email directly by clicking on the envelope as below:


Changing coach and manager


Waiting List players

Players that are on the waiting list can only be found under the Waiting List tab. They will need to be

moved off the waiting list first before they can be put into a team.

The process of moving a player off the waiting list will also generate an invoice for them. This is the same process for handling waiting lists as used

for other activity types such as Lessons and Classes.

Multi-tick “Move to team”

You can now select multiple players and move them into the same team all at once.



New “Move to team” popup

When you choose to move one (or many) players into a team there is now a popup to help with this process.


Team Managers and Volunteers show at the top of team list

Team Managers and important volunteer details now show in the list along with the players in the team.

This means you can now see phone numbers for managers, email them, and export them in the CSV!

Placeholder players

You can now add Placeholder players into teams. These are basically used to fill a space in the team and the

person will not appear in your customer list (only in the team list). Another use case is if a player needs to be

listed in two or more teams in the same activity.

Confirm and invoice teams from the “All teams” list

You no longer need to go to find the tab for the team and the go in and find the “Confirm and invoice” button.

Now you can simply confirm each team straight from the “All teams” list!

Assign staff or parents as coaches and managers

You can now assign your own staff or parents that don’t have kids in the team as managers or coaches.

Clearer colour coding of invoice status

It is now easier to see which players have been invoiced, who has a draft invoice, and who has paid.


Team Logos

You can upload logos for each team to add some bling!




Invoicing your completed Team when you have finalised the selection, and all non team selections are moved to the NOT IN A TEAM tab, is easy to do. Here are the steps to go through this task.

Not in a team


  • Once you have moved all players into a team and you are happy you can confirm and email the invoice


  • You will now see the confirmation that a draft invoice has been created

confirm and invoice

team confirmed notification


  • The parent will also receive the following confirmation together with the booking calendar:

Parent confirmation email


  • From the plus tab you can view these invoices, select this as below:

Select invoices


  • As these are in DRAFT you can edit some details and add extra line entries.


  • You can view, email and send from the invoice, by clicking the invoice number.


View, email and send from invoice


Here is the invoice below:


invoice example


Equally you can view all invoices in the Draft Tab, from within Money:


Invoices in draft



Once you have viewed the invoices and are happy for them to go, simply select and email.


approve and email


Printing a Team List


You can print the daily attendance in the same way as any other activity, simply from the Plust Tab, select attendance, then select the day, then print daily attendance.


To print a list of your team and send this to other people with more detailed information,you have the ability to export selected names into a CSV file, this can then be sent to others and printed as you choose.


  • Select all or chosen names from your team
  • Select the PLUS + tab
  • Select Export to CSV
  • Then select the criteria you would like to have

Export as csv


This is what you will see:

csv example

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