Expiration of Direct Discounts

  1. You need to add a discount to a customer/customers.
  2. You need to set up the discount to expire at a certain date.
This document assumes the following.
  • You know how to set up discounts for customers/caregivers.

  • You know how discounts work in Enrolmy and the different types of discounts.

Discounts don’t necessarily last forever! So it is possible to put an expiration date on each of your direct discounts (the discounts added directly to a customer). After this date, the discount will no longer be active and your customer(s) will not receive the discount off their further bookings.

  •  It is important to understand that the expiry date is relative to today’s date NOT to forward or past booking dates.

 As an example: Sienna has a discount attached to her for 10% off every booking she makes. Today is 22 February 2019 and her 10% discount is due to expire on 1 March 2019... If Sienna books into a holiday programme that runs from 7 March to 14 March she WILL get the discount because at the time of booking (22 February) her discount has not expired yet.

If Sienna has booked her child into Aftercare and the invoicing for the week of 22 February is run in arrears on Friday 23 February then Sienna WILL NOT get her discount for that week as her discounts expired on 22 February.


Please ensure that your staff all understand how the expiration of direct discounts work before applying them and advising your customers that they are in effect.

How to add/edit in the expiration date

1. Navigate to the Customer Tab.

2. Select the '+' Symbol, then 'Direct Discounts Customers'.




3. Select the Customer for which you would like to edit the discount.

You can edit the discount percentage and also add or edit the expiration date.

4. Select the 'cog' next to the discount you want to edit.

5. Select 'Edit'.

6. The calendar will appear when you check the box.

7. Remember to click SAVE.




 Awesome! You now know about the expiration of Direct Discounts.

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