Understanding Bookable Place Calculations

Understanding Bookable Place Calculations

Understanding how Enrolmy works can better help you to understand and workout why sometimes at a glance something does not quite look correct, for example the calculations and numbers displayed in the attendance and bookable places vs session cap can look incorrect initially.

Here is how it all works, and where the waiting list comes into play.


If you cap a session/daily activity limit to 20 per day you have 20 bookable places, everytime a person books the bookable places reduce accordingly.

If you have multiple options within one day that a parent can select, then your daily limit will have to be distributed over those options, without doing so, the worst case scenario would be potential bookings for your total limit on each option, therefore, the available places takes this into consideration.



Waiting list

This forms part of the calculations, when it appears you have hit your maximum allowance, children can be added to the waiting list, these children are considered booked in so that should a place become available they are next inline, therefore the bookable places total takes these into account.


It is therefore important to move people off the waiting list and into the activity at the first opportunity.


On the flip side, without the waiting list forming part of the calculations, bookings could still be received despite customers waiting, and those currently waiting would never receive a place as the total allowance would become filled.


Therefore wait list children must be part of the bookable place totals, this method is the fairest way to allow places for children to be taken based on the longest waited child/student first.


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