Inviting People To Register For An Activity

Inviting People To Register For An Activity

After you have set up your activity you can invite people to register. This article shows you how to do it.

How do I invite customers/people to my Activities?

Once you have set up an activity you can invite previous customers/students to enrol, you can do this by sending them an invite, and you can also 'quick book', then all they have to do is complete their enrolment form information.


Sending an Invite

From the customers tab, select your customer and Activity you wish to invite them to from the drop down menu


Customers tab

The following pop up will appear, then proceed to send

Confirmation will be shown as per the below:


Invite Confirmation


Quick Book


You can invite customers/people to enrol using Quick Book - positioned at the top right of the screen in the 'Customers' tab. Here you can 'Save and Invite to Book' or 'Save and Book Now'.

  • Save and Invite Book : To to send an email to the parent with an invitation to make a booking  
  • OR
  • Save and Book Now: if you are want to make the booking immediately.


Quick Book


Once you have completed the details for both parent and child, you will see the option below to save and invite, or save and book now.

Quick Book details

Save and invite or save and book


You will see a placeholder account has been created, you are then required to select the required days, then Save and Invoice.


Placeholder accounts created

Save and Invoice


This process is the same under the Save and Invite to Book method.

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