Recurring V's Casual Bookings

Recurring V's Casual Bookings

Details around what is considered a recurring and casual bookings and changes you can expect to see

Recurring V's Casual Bookings

Recurring/Regular - is a booking that repeats itself the same week on week.

Casual Booking - is different, where sporadic bookings that change and are non-consistent are made.

You can offer two different rates for your before and after school care bookings with a recurring and casual option.


When a parent makes a booking for a Before and After School Care activity they are presented with two booking calendars.  One is for "Recurring or Regular Booking" the other is for a "Casual Booking". 

A recurring booking is one that repeats week after week whereas a casual booking lets parents makea one-off bookings or ad-hoc changes to their recurring booking.   It is possible for parents to create a mix of recurring and casual bookings for the same activity.

If parents select a session using the "Recurring or Regular Booking" calendar then that session will repeat week after week.  They also have the option of choosing two dates, one for when their recurring booking will begin, and another for when the recurring booking will end.  

Any sessions selected using the "Recurring or Regular Booking" calendar will be charged at your Regular/Recurring rate.Any sessions that are selected using the "Casual Booking" calendar that do not match a session selected on the "Recurring or Regular Booking" calendar will be charged at your Casual rate.

If a customer makes a recurring booking and certain days they require are full, it will force the customer to revert to the casual booking calendar with associated rates to complete their booking as below

Switch to casual booking calendar

Under your bookings - attendance, you will see the names of children booked, also the rates applicable are denoted by the R & C symbols next to their session

R and C symbols


Pricing Changes

If you are considering changing your pricing


  • Any pricing changes will take effect immediately, so if pricing changed let say from $17.50 to $20 today hypothetically, and you haven't reconciled last weeks attendance then when you reconcile attendance for last week it will show the new pricing.
  • The price to be paid is locked down as soon as attendance reconciliation has been confirmed.  All payments must be up to date and All attendance and reconciliation completed

In the instance whereby you need us to make urgent changes to your pricing, there are some things to note around this.

Like all activities, once you have made your activity live and have taken bookings pricing and changes are locked, so it is imperative to get it correct from the onset.mid term, please discuss with us prior so that we can advise the best time to do so and what you must do first, changing prices during an active activity can cause issues down the track for you.

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