How to Add a Child on the Day

How to add a child on the day of an activity

This article shows you how to add a child to an activity, after the booking system has been closed off, on the day of the activity.

What do I do if someone wants to book their child in for a casual session on the day of the activity?


Enrolmy closes off the booking system once the day of the activity arrives, the specific time within that 24 hours prior is selected by yourself at the time of creating the activity.

However, you can bypass the system to add people into an Activity through the 'Attendance' tab, found within any of your Activities.


1. Select the specific date you want to add the student to


Attendance tab under Activities


2. Click 'Add attendees to activity'

Add attendees to activity


3. Select the student/students you wish to add, and finally 'Add Attendees'

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