How To Generate Detailed Invoices

How to generate detailed invoices

What is a detailed invoice and when should it be used

Detailed Invoices

Once you have set up Enrolmy you will have already gone through your settings menu and set up many things including your invoices, however, you can change by activity the invoices and the selection you make on a particular activity, in the activity settings, and this will override the main/default invoice settings.


What is a detailed Invoice?

A detailed invoice will break-down all of the booked items with specific information, so if three days were booked for a Holiday Programme it will show the dates of these days whilst a grouped invoice will just list a total of 3 days.


When should you use this invoice type?

A detailed invoice is best used at all times, however, if you wish to use different settings depending on the activity this setting is good for multi-day bookings, this invoice will also itemise for a parent when changes are made so they can see lets say the additional days they have just booked, that the invoice covers those particular days.

Example Invoices

Invoice example 1

Invoice example 2


Where do I change the settings for this?

On the activity settings itself, you will see invoice settings, you will need to select the advanced option as per the below diagram.

Invoice settings 1

Invoice settings 2


Handy Hint:

Also, a booking summary is attached to the bottom of each invoice.

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