How to Create and Convert Credit Notes

How to Create and Convert Credit Notes

You can create credit notes to be offset against invoices, or refund cash, but firstly you need to check if the session has been invoiced or not.

Creating Credit notes for:

Overpayments, Unplanned Absences or Class changes

You can create credit notes to be offset against invoices, or refund cash, but firstly you need to check if the session has been invoiced or not.


Refunding Cash


If there are no existing invoices, or won't be issuing a refund against an invoice, here's how to process a cash refund:


1. Create your credit note following the above process unless there is a pending adjustment for a change to a booking


2. Select your credit note from drafts


3. Click the cog to the far right, select REFUND


4. Enter the information regarding the refund and process


5. You will see this now appear in the refund tab, no actual refund has taken place this is a paper exercise to ensure your monies balance and are a true and accurate record.  You will note that it will record the entry you select in terms of Type of refund.  By Term 2 2018 you will be able to refund back to card if they paid the initial booking this way.


6. Sync with Xero and process manual refund bank to bank to the customer.


Refund to the customer



Create Refund


Refunding against an Invoice


Access the Money tab at the top of the page, and identify whether an invoice has been created, If it is a Short Multi-Session Activity (Holiday Prog) these are typically invoiced in advance, but if it is a Long Multi-Session Activity (before/after school care (B/ASC)) it will be invoiced in arrears. Either way you can easily find the invoice in the Awaiting Payment or Draft tabs.


Editing Invoices


If the invoice is still in 'Draft' form you are able to edit some of the information, click on 'edit invoice' make your adjustments as needed, you can add extra line items in here so you could apply discounts, rebates or additional charges, or change the bill payer details, once you have made your changes click 'Save Changes'.

You are unable to edit invoices that are not in Draft.


Editing invoices


If your invoice is now 'Awaiting Payment' your invoice cannot be edited, you therefore will need to produce a Credit Note to offset any payment credits.

From here, find the amount that was invoiced and create a credit note for the amount you want to deduct/refund.

To create a credit note start by clicking on Credit Notes near the top of the page under 'Money', then click on the button New credit note (top right-hand corner).

Fill out the details for the recipient of the credit note and make sure to reference the invoice number of the invoice that you are crediting. After you have completed the credit note, click the orange button (bottom right corner) to 'Create credit note'. To finish, 'check' the box of the credit note you have just created and click 'Apply to Invoice'. Done!


New Credit note & apply to invoice


Changing the billpayer on Credit Notes, and Invoices

You can also change the bill payer to another Enrolmy customer, read our help doc titled Editing the "Bill Payer" on an Invoice to know how to do this.

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