How to Send Customer Statements

  1. You need to send an Activity Statement to a customer or multiple customers (statement of transactions), or
  2. You need to send Outstanding Statements to a customer or multiple customers (statement of outstanding invoices only).
This document assumes the following.
  • You have Customers who have Invoices, some of whom have made payments to you.

  • You have recorded these payments in Enrolmy or relevant accounting package (like Xero).

  • If a Xero user - you regularly Sync with Xero.

This article will help you understand more about activity statements and outstanding statements.

What is an Activity Statement?

An Activity Statement is a statement showing all transactions that have occurred within a date range you choose.  This will show all invoices along with Payments received, Credit Notes, Credit Notes applied, and will show an outstanding balance.

It is a full picture of the customer's account.

To access an activity statement, follow these steps:

1. Select the customer from the Customers tab.

2. Click 'Activities' along the second bar at the top.

3. Click 'View Statement' on the top right.




Here is an example of a Customer Activity Statement.

Activity Statements


What is an Outstanding Statement?

An outstanding statement is what is owing at any particular point in time, you can send an outstanding statement up to a date you choose and it will display what is due (the balance) at that date.

For accounts that have been running for some time, it is only necessary to send them an outstanding statement unless they wanted to see their entire activity for a set period or entire year.

Outstanding Statements


Saving and Printing Statements.

When viewing a statement there are a number of actions you can take:

  • Choose a date range to show
  • Print the statement
  • Email the statement
  • Save as a PDF (by clicking the '+ More' button) 



Awesome! You now know how to send customer statements.

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