How to Send Customer Statements

How to Send Customer Statements

This article will help you understand more about activity statements and outstanding statements.

Understanding your statements


What is an Activity Statement?


An activity statement is a statement showing all transactions that have occurred within a date range you choose or run period.  This will show all activity with the outstanding balance, along with payments received.

It is a full picture of the customers account.

Start by searching for the customer name, then enter a date range, this will produce an itemised list of all items carried out on that account for that period.


Activity Statements




What is and Outstanding Statement?


An outstanding statement is what is owing at any particular point in time, you can send an outstanding statement up to a date you choose and it will display what was due, paid and the balance.

For accounts that have been running for sometime it is only necessary to send them an outstanding statement unless they wanted to see their entire activity for a set period or entire year.



Outstanding Statements


Finally under the +, you can download these to save and send to your customers if you need to add other documents to the email, or email directly from EM as is.


Download statement


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