How to Track Credit Card Transactions and Export Reports

How to Track Credit Card Transactions and Export Reports

Understanding where to look for your credit card payments, what has been paid, and the detail around the payments. You can export this information into CSV reports.

Credit Card Transactions

If you are set up to receive credit card payments, you can track these payments and the detail around them.  From the credit card transaction reporting area, you can also export this information into a CSV file, here is a brief review of this area.

Firstly, Navigate to the 'Money Tab'

Money tab

Select, "Credit Card Transactions", you will see a list of all payments made to you by credit card, with the date of the transaction.

As with any of the information pertained in any of these tabs, ie Daily, Monthly etc. you can export all of the data from any tab by selecting to tick all or part, then click the Export to CSV

Credit card Transactions

Should you wish to look at the details around any of these payments, and who it was for, simply click on the arrow to the far right as shown below:

All card transactions

Daily Credit Card Transactions

Under the daily card transaction tab, you will see an accumulative list of all payments by day once you have selected the month of choice from the drop down menu as below.  If for example, you select April 2018, you will see a list of all daily payments, once again you can see the detail around each payment and its activity by expanding the view either by clicking on the cog (far right) or clicking on the date:

Below you can see the daily credit card detail, and export if you wish

Daily Card Transactions

Here is what each column represents

User-added image

Monthly credit card totals work in the same way, Example Spreadsheet Below:

Monthly credit card example spreadsheet

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