FAQ's for WINZ & Oscar Subsidies

FAQ's for WINZ & Oscar Subsidies

Some common areas causing difficulties with probable solutions/reasons

Q. How Can I calculate how much in WINZ subsidies we get each year?

A. You can run a statement from Xero which will show all payments received.


Q. How can I print a report on WINZ receivers?

A. This will depend on where you are recording the WINZ payments for these customers, you can either run this report from Xero, within EM you can find all the customers under your subsidy tab and you can use the filters to search for the information.


From the Money tab , then the + tab (next to paid),  filter by method of payment as WINZ and print your list of payments

(This only works if you have entered the payments this way)

Money -  awaiting pmt - select invoices - +more - receive pmt - under pmt type select WINZ pmt - enter amounts then receive pmts.)


Q. How do the subsidies reflect in Xero?

A. Please read Option 2 and Option 3

Q. How does Enrolmy calculate the OSCAR Subsidy when a child is absent?

Every hour that a child attends your OSCAR programme during the week is counted towards that child's OSCAR Subsidy allowance up to, but not exceeding, the cap determined by WINZ.

In accordance with the Social Security (Childcare Assistance) Regulations 2004, if you charge a fee for holding open the places of children who are absent then Enrolmy will count "Absent - Full Charge" or "Absent - Part Charge" sessions towards the total of subsidised hours for that particular week.  In these cases, the number of hours for the booked session (i.e the session they would have attended had the child not been absent) will be used.

If you mark a child as "Absent - No Charge" Enrolmy will NOT calculate the hours the child was booked as part of the subsidised hours for that week.

Q: How are the OSCAR subsidies reflected in Xero if I also use the Subsidy tab?

Using a Revenue Account in Xero.

Enrolmy customers use a Revenue Account in Xero to track the record of WINZ payments that have been applied against a customer's invoices.  It acts like the suspense accounts works for Credit Cards Payments, to track the record of payment (credit in this case) applied to the Invoice while acknowledging that the actual payment hasn't been received yet.  

You will need to do the following


  1. Create the WINZ account in Xero (if you don't have one already).
  2. Connect this account in the Xero Integration option under settings.
    See here for setting up your Xero settings.
  3. Learn how to report on this account to report on each customers WINZ position.

As a negative line item on the invoice the revenue account goes into negative.  When the WINZ money arrives in Xero you reconcile it to the same account.  This account should balance to zero.

You can then report in this account against all WINZ payments applied to invoices for a customer and all WINZ payments received for a customer.  You can read about these reports in Xero here, https://central.xero.com/s/article/Detailed-Account-Transactions-Repor

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