• You want to take credit card payments for your bookings

This document assumes 
  • You have an active Enrolmy account

  • You understand basic accounting principles

How to set up your Enrolmy account to receive credit card payments

Taking credit card payments offers parents a quick and easy option to book and pay through Enrolmy.
Here's how you set up a credit card facility so parents can pay their invoices

You will need to upload scanned copies of ONE of the following as proof of identity

  • Drivers license - front and back on the same page
  • Passport - front and back on the same page


Step 1 - Go to the Credit Card Setup page

  1. On the blue tab bar to the right of Activities, Customers, Money, click on the + symbol. This will open up a small menu with additional pages.
  2. Navigate down and click on Settings.
  3. On the left navigation bar, under General Settings, move down to the Essentials section.
  4. Click on Credit Card Setup.



Step 2 - Basic Details

  1. Fill in the company details
  2. Fill in the applicant details
    • For proof of identity, see Step 3



Step 3 - Proof of Identity

  1.  Scroll down to the Proof of Identity section near the end of Applicant details.
  2. Click on the Upload File button in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  3. Select and upload the file. Ensure the file is :
    • jpg or png format
    • at least 600 kilobytes size 
  4. The file is now submitted. There will also be an option to delete it (the trashcan to the right of the filename) if you need to resubmit.



Step 4 - Credit Card Fee Options

  • Enrolmy charges 3.63% of the transaction amount + 30 cents per transaction
  • You can opt to pay the full fee yourself or ask your customers to pay part of this fee with a small percentage added to their payment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the transaction fee is inclusive of 15% GST.

OPTION 1: Pay full transaction fee yourself

If you want to receive payments through credit cards ONLY, you must use this option.

This option is also available to everyone who does not want to ....

  1. Tick the first option.



OPTION 2: Split fee with customer

  • The customer will pay 1.85% of the transaction fee, and you will pay the other 1.85% + 30c.
  1.  Ensure the first box is unselected.
  2. Tick the second box.



Step 5 - Terms and Conditions

  1. Read the Enrolmy Terms and Conditions
  2. Read the Stripe Connected Account Agreement.
  3. Please tick the box to agree to comply with the documents 



Step 6 - Submit Application

  1. At the bottom right-hand corner of the page, click the orange Submit Application button.




Congratulations! Your credit card has been set up.  You are now able to take credit card payments for your bookings.


We are passionate about your success. Please call us if you have any questions.

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