Setting up Your Invoice Settings

Automated Invoicing is one of the most convenient functions Enrolmy brings to administration staff. This is how you can set it up.

Automated Invoicing


Automated Invoicing is one of the most convenient functions Enrolmy brings to administration staff.

To start you need to select the Invoice Settings by clicking on the '+plus' tab (next to Money) then 'Settings', you can also access this through settings via the cog next to your name.

invoice settings



STEP 1: Start by adding your Title - the name of the business you trade as. Fill in the details for an Invoice Contact. The Invoice Address will have a drop-down menu from which you can select the address you prefer to list. Based on the option you choose, the address will appear in the box beneath the field.


STEP 2: Add a picture to the invoice (such as your company's logo) by clicking the Upload Logo button in the Branding section. Enter the details of the bank account you would like payments to be made to.


STEP 3: Indicate whether you are GST Registered or not. Add an Invoice Note (optional) if you would like to customise the message that appears on your invoices eg. you offer B/ASC for multiple schools and have different bank accounts for parents to pay into. Specify your Payment Terms using the drop-down menu.


Remember to save any changes you make by clicking the Save Settings button the bottom right-hand side of the screen. ​


Save bank and other details


Payment reference and particulars


Providers can now set what they want their customers to put into “Reference” and “Particulars” fields when paying via internet banking. In your Invoice Settings, you can choose which values you want as the “Reference” and “Particulars” from our pre-set drop down options.

Options include, Invoice Number, Activity name, Attendee name, Venue name, aswell as unique ID numbers for Activity, Customer, and Venue.

This allows you to see at a glance from a list of transactions who has paid without the need to go into their account unless the amount is not as expected.

As shown in Invoice Settings:


invoice notes


When a parent receives an invoice they will see the “Reference” and “Particulars” values at the bottom of their invoice in the “Payment Options” section

payment options

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