1. You are running a Before and After School Care or Holiday Programme on Enrolmy.
  2. You want a parent to complete a paper copy of the Enrolment (Safety) form.
This document assumes the following.
  • You are familiar with the Customers Tab on Enrolmy

  • You have set up your Enrolment (Safety) Form in the setting section.

  • You are connected to a printer and know how to print.


Should a customer leave the the online enrolment form incomplete, you can print out a hard copy for them to manually complete.


 Here is how to print a form:

  1. Select Customers Tab
  2. Select the student by selecting the box next to their name
  3. Select Print Safety Forms



You will then see the full enrolment form ready to print.




Awesome! Now you know how to print out a hardcopy enrolment form.


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