Understand Activity Categories & It's Functionality

  • Group together types of activities that you run or items that you sell by setting up categories.
  • Categories are also coded to your Xero Account Codes inside your Xero Integration > Chart of Accounts Section. 
  • Multiple categories allow your customers to book into multiple sessions within one activity. This can be especially important for before and after school care and holiday programme activity types.
    • Ie. Activities that run a before school care session, after school care session and a pick-up session would need to have their before school care session assigned to a before-care category, and their after school care session assigned to an after-care category.
  • Category names are not visible to customers



How to Setup Activity Categories

1. Head to the Session Categories Section within your Organisation Settings

2. Select a pre-set category to edit it or

3. Select 'Add another category' to add your own Category group to Enrolmy then 'Save Changes'


How to Attach A Category To A Session

1. Ensure that your sessions have all been setup and finalised prior to taking bookings. 

2. Head to the Session Pricing section of your Organisation Settings

3. Select the session that you want to attach a Category too

4. Select the drop down field under the Category column and select the category that you want to group the session within

5. Don't forget to Save Changes


Activity Categories for Xero Users 

Organisations wanting to integrate their Enrolmy account with Xero, can now complete their Xero Integration Setup

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