Xero Setup - Preperation

In Enrolmy it is the invoicing Category that connects to the Xero Chart of Account code.

Categories and Xero

In Enrolmy it is the Invoicing Category that connects to the Xero Chart of Account code.

The Category also has a few other functions.  Having a clear understanding of

  • Sessions (the time-slot or activity you are selling) and the
  • Category (how these sessions are grouped together)

is important before we proceed.  Please click below if you need to familiarise yourself with Sessions and Categories

User-added image


Please find below the location of Categories in Enrolmy

  1. Plus next to money
  2. Settings
  3. Session Categories

Session categories


Important Note

You can connect multiple Categories to the same Xero account code if necessary.

As categories also have a specific role in Enrolmy (grouping sessions that can be selected) you can set them up to achieve this task (click link to sessions and Categories Button above).  If you are only tracking sales in Xero it is fine to connect all your different Categories with the same sales code in Xero.


Next Steps

Now you have the following;

  • A sound understanding of Xero and how you use it,
  • Clarify on the Xero Accounting Codes you want to Track,
  • Categories in Enrolmy set up,

You are ready to proceed.Currently Enrolmy need to switch on the ability to connect with Xero for your account.  Please click Contact Enrolmy Support (at the bottom right of this page) and let us know you are keen to get going.

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