Xero Sync Troubleshooting

Reasons why you may have issues with your Xero and Enrolmy Sync, Error Log and Soloutions

Xero Sync Troubleshoot Guide

From time to time you may find that some items have not managed to sync effectively between Xero and Enrolmy, more often than not there are reasons for this outside of software problems but being caused by a previous action, incorrect coding, dates or trying to do something that actually is not possible without knowing.

To Find any errors with your sync firstly navigate to your

Plus + Sign, next to Money

Select the + Symbol, then Xero Sync

Xero Sync

Next Select your Xero Sync Error Log from the top right of the page:

Xero Sync Error Log

The first place to check is your error sync log, as this will give the date and time of any errors with a brief description as to the reasons why, this will enable you problem solve these issues and hopefully rectify ready to re sync.

Example image:

Error Log

Here is a general guide of possible reasons to help you, should you still have difficulty ensure you discuss these issues with your accountant or bookkeeper if they are action derived.

1. Sync not dated far enough back to capture payments amount greater than outstanding balances.

2. Incorrect Coding.

3. Customer accounts archived in either Enrolmy or Xero.

4. Invoices voided in either Enrolmy or Xero

5. Applying credit notes for unspecified line items.

6. You are trying to allocate a credit to an invoice that is already paid.

7. A contact (customer) may have been archived in Xero or EM and you are trying to sync, without matching accounts, this will not work.

Checking for possible sync issues

1. Undergo a Xero sync

2. Find the latest invoice that you know was paid by a parent inside Enrolmy. (Invoices paid by credit card are good for this check)

3. Jump into xero and search for the same invoice number. Both invoice statuses should be the same. This is how you can tell if xero sync is working correctly.

it would also be helpful to match some of the actual errors against the points below. eg where it says Invoice not of valid creation - this could mean that the invoice has been voided inside EMY

Sometimes Xero will time out when conducting a sync, the main cause can be due to the amount of invoices and data it is trying to sync, which cannot be done in the allotted time, ensure you sync regularly to avoid huge amounts needing to sync through.


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