Setting up Classes and Lesson Activity Type

Setting up a Class/Lesson

Explanation as to how and when a class/lesson activity set up is best used, managed and what it will allow

Setting Up a Class/Lesson

Firstly all of the activity types and brief descriptions can be found here in the EM help centre :

All Activity Types Explained

*Before using a Class/Lesson set up, its best you understand the following*:


Lessons/Classes: An activity where the customer must book every session

If you have an activity which will run for a number of weeks on the same day(s) each week, this setting requires the customer to book all sessions to confirm a place.. They cannot lets say choose a couple of weeks out of 10, as it is a class such as Music, or Drama, or Art etc.. it is expected they will attend each session for the period it runs, and they are charged for those sessions.

You can turn off certain days, so lets say during the ten week period the Friday class then runs on to Good Friday, you may choose to switch that Friday off as it won't be running.

You can also select the waitlist option so when places are full, those wishing to go on a waitlist can do so.

This can also be used for schools and ICAS exams, listing each exam as a session so parents can select and pay for the ones they are interested in their child doing.


When is this best used?

This type of set up is best used for weekly classes, or tutoring of some description that runs for a number of weeks and the cost is for the entire duration.  For example, this Calligraphy Workshop may be a cost of $120.00, it runs every Friday for 8 weeks, you book the entire programme, and are expected to attend all sessions.

Should you not not turn up, there will be no refund as it is a programme price.

The aim is to provide the attendee with new learnings at the end of that period, so all sessions are required.

Use this for set price activities.




1. Navigate to the settings page via Create an Activity from the top of the Activity tab page

2. Select Lesson/Class

3. Select your start date and number of weeks it will run for

User-added image

Image 2

User-added image

For this example I have set the activity to Start 1st June, I have added 8 weeks run period.


Choosing your Selections:

User-added image

Work through the options adding details for your activity, for any activity to display online, the venue must be live.  All added venues you create can be found in

Venues under your settings, you can switch them on and off as needed.

NB. this sometimes is missed and a common cause for an activity not showing online.

Activity Details:

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Ensure you enter all the information about the activity and what the student can achieve by attending.

Under the "Show Advanced Options"

You have the ability to add extra items that may need to be brought along.

*** Please ensure you save each section after adding details, as the process can take a while the system will time out and your work will not be saved if it takes too long.

Save, Save, Save at each segment, then finally at the end.  This allows you to go back to it if you were unable to finish it in one go***


Online Listing Review

Here is where you add your image which best dipicts the activity iteself, image requirments are:

For best results resize your photo to 1200 × 528 pixels before uploading. Only JPG or PNG files are allowed.

User-added image

Ensure you preview your image and replace and or resize images if they do not look good.

The next item is the "upload option", you may wish to include an additional document that students can download, it may be an authorisation form or a menu, or packing list, for this activity in my example it could be some before and after images showing work on the first day and last day of course...


Sessions, Times, Cost

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Here you select your corresponding activity detail, in this example it is a class, if you do not have a session here already that has been set up or its a new session type, you can simply add a new one.  In this example I am creating a new Art Class.

User-added image

As previously mentioned, this class is $120.00 total running for 8 weeks each Friday, so I have added the time and details, the total cost works out at $15.00 for each session, but the student cannot select individual days, so they will pay $120 to book whether they attend all or not.  I've also added my maximum numbers of 20 for this lesson.


Session Dates

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Here you can select the days the class will run on each week, you can un-select days that perhaps won't be on, including holidays etc...

Selecting the cog will expand each session you may have one day you wish to be different from the rest and here you can change that.

You can also write what will be covered on this particular day as shown with my text below

User-added image


9. Discounts

Add discounts if applicable to your activity, keep them simple and tread with care and caution, ensure you understand how these are applied to prevent greater issues, and try not to offer too many, it is easier to have a competitive price than too many discounts. These discounts are automated based on the discount description.

For details around each discount, click on the i symbol which provides information, or see our discount help docs, found here:  Activity Discounts & How they Apply


10. Settings 

This area allows you to Close bookings at a certain time the previous day. When it closes no one is able to make a booking.

It allows attendees to add themselves to a waiting list if the maximum number of allowed attendees has been reached if you choose this selection, all wait list people are shown in the activity and ordered by wait time, if you add someone from a waitlist to the activity you will need to contact the person or parent to advise them, as no automated emails are sent.

Under " Show Advanced Options"

You can also prevent attendees from editing their existing bookings within a specified period? (Parents will still be able to add extra dates to their booking however.)

Having attendees complete the Safety Form before attending nor not. All of these settings are toggled on and off, if you have any strange things happen on your bookings you did not expect, always check your settings first before raising a potential system bug, and support ticket.

11. Invoice Settings This area covers:

The invoice due dates and when invoices are generated, if you make this a credit card only activity then you would set your invoice to at the time of activity.

Pro rata feature, this is for activities which you want the cost to be pro rata'd if bookings are made after the first day, if you want to charge a full fee then leave this switched off.

Under " Show Advanced Options"

Here you can select how you want your invoices to read, this will override any of the default settings you created upon initial set-up, our advice is the Itemised invoices with detail are the best. (Please see help docs on choices)

12. Oscar Subsidy This is toggled on or off depending if it applies


13. Online Settings This covers how you want the activity to display, from here you can Set to enquiry only rather than allowing to book (an email of interest is sent) You can also close off your activity entirely here if you do not wish to take further bookings.


Ensure you check all details before switching it on live, including how this views from the parent side, as an online listing

Our test example:

User-added image

User-added image

User-added image


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