School Sports - Creating Your Registration Tiles

Creating Your Registration Tiles

Identifying when its best to use a particular activity set up, what to expect and where its best used.

Schools - Which Activity Set-Up Type Should I Use?

This help doc is to give you a better understanding of the different set up types available to you and when best to use them.


Team Sports: Players can register their interest and can be sorted into teams by the school, then invoiced for their confirmed place

Great for All Team Sports by Year and Grade


Soccer, Football, Netball, Flippa Ball, Cricket, Touch, Basketball and all other sports, places can be registered for, all registrations can then be sorted into team and teams invoiced when places have been confirmed.  

The other great feature of this activity is that the team lists can be printed and also emailed, great for sport coaches and managers.  The ability to also move people teams, which could be within this team setting, ie Grade A, B, C etc.. or to another activity entirely.

If you need to move an attendee into a different activity, Enrolmy will seemlessly process this move and transfer invoices and credits etc, so long as all the relative dates have been entered correctly.

Non Team Sports: Players book into a non team sport activity

Great for Season Practices/Training


This is the same as the team sports setting but better suited for single player sports and non teams such as athletics, or Karate or cheerleading etc.

With this setting you can create your season session, for example Althletics training held twice per week for 3 months during summer, if the cost was $80.00 for the season, individuals can go on and book, pay and attend at anytime during the run period.  You can set it for bookings to be allowed until half way through lets say, and whether they show each week on both days or not, they will pay $80.00 for the season.

You can add staff members to this activity when setting it up so that other staff members can see who is running the activity.


Lessons/Classes: An activity where the customer must book every session

Great for Lessons, Levels of Achievement


If you have an activity which will run for a number of weeks on the same day(s) each week, this setting requires the customer to book all sessions to confirm a place.. They cannot lets say choose a couple of weeks out of 10.  As a class such as Music, or Drama, or Art etc.. it is expected they will attend each session for the period it runs to achieve the level of learning required, and they are charged for those sessions.

You can turn off certain days, so lets say during the ten week period the Friday class then runs on to Good Friday, you may choose to switch that Friday off as it won't be running.

You can also select the waitlist option so when places are full, those wishing to go on a waitlist can do so.

This can also be used for schools and Icas exams, listing each exam as a session so parents can select and pay for the ones they are interested in their child doing.


One Day Only Event: For special events that run on one day only

Great for ICAS Exams, Competitions or Race Days


This is the most effective setting to run all single one off events, this setting only allows you to enter the day the event takes place, and can be used for example, ICAS Exams, a regional competition, or Race day.

You can set your close off date so that you can finalise numbers and logistics before the actual day, and you can also set the option of sorting individuals into teams if you need to, this could be in year groups, experience levels, male/female or not at all.

You may choose to allow a wait list option and you can choose credit card only as a payment method like most of the activities.  You can export the team list, send group emails or export the attendees full details via CSV.

In the event of ICAS exams, you can set up one activity per exam type, ie, Math registrations, English, Science etc...


Camp: Customers can book and pay for an organised Camping Trip, or Offsite Stay

Great for all School Trips Away


Perfect for any school trip away and not necessarily a camp, but the set up allows for you to take the registrations and payments along with add on items such as transport, hire of camp items, or any other additional items needed which the school can provide.

You can also add in a selection for leaders which may be a zero cost or lower cost to the normal camp fee.

The camp setting requires you to enter the start and finish day of the camp, lets say Monday to the Friday, you can also enter a specific date that registrations will close, this may be a week before the camp for you to tally total numbers and finalise all payments, and email registrations a packing list, you could add the packing list to the activity as an upload, and all registered people can download the list saving you another step in the chain.

You can choose the settings to invoice on the day the booking is made with immediate payment needed by credit card, and have the ability to ask specific questions.

Like with the other activities you can email directly the registered group from the list, export the enrolment forms and also all personal details including custom questions are downloaded via the CSV report.

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