School Sports - Printing Team Lists

  1. You administrate school Sports
  2. You need a hard copy of the details of team members for your event.
This document assumes the following.
  • You have a team activity set up and have attendees booked in already.

  • You have already set up teams and know how to manage these.

Once you have created your teams and the invoices have been approved and sent you can now print your completed team list and provide this to the coaches, co-ordinators or anyone who needs to have this. 

How to print your list

1. Select your chosen team and click the cog to the left of the name.

2. Select 'View Team'.

3. Select all of the names within the team by clicking the tick box.

4. Select 'Print all'. 



The system will show you a preview of what you are about to print.  You can then print your completed team or save to PDF.

Print team lists 2/2



Awesome! You now know how to print Team Lists.

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