Setting up your School Enrolmy Account

Setting up your School on Enrolmy

This is how you list and update your school profile with company description, contact details, photos, address etc.

Setting up your School Profile

This is how you list and update your school profile with company description, contact details, photos, address etc.

From within Settings (in the +plus tab) and under Essentials you can access your Organisation Settings, here you can list and update your profile and school details.

Step 1

  • Name: is your school name as registered


  • Contact Details: These details are the contact details we use to reach out about various communications including subscriptions


  • My Minisite URL is there to let you know the URL for your front-end (Enrolmy homepage) and back-end (admin access). This is where your customers find your activities, bookmark this page!


User-added image


Step 2


The next section deals with your logo and nature of your business.  You can select up to three categories that best describes your business.

User-added image

The next section is to add your main page image, and also your school logo, all size requirements are displayed when you hover over the image area you are adding or changing.

Listing Photos are used as part of your programme's description, and are shown in the About Us page.



Step 3


In the About Section there are two fields, Brief Description and Detailed Description.

User-added image



The Short Description will be displayed alongside your main photo in the Enrolmy homepage, as shown below.


short description


The Long Description will appear in the About Us section of your main page, as shown below.


long description


Step 5

Social Media plays an important role in all promotions, input all relevant details as they relate to any channels currently connected to your company.

The section "Featured Sidebar", is where you can add catchy, quirky and audacious descriptions of your activities to the side of your main page.


Feature Title #1 and #2 will be the titles for these descriptions, highlighted in blue, as shown below.


  • Remember to use the Save Changes button to save any changes you make.


  • You can switch Online Publishing Settings to NO when you are undergoing maintenance. At all other times, remember to keep it on YES so that it will appear to your customers.

Feature sidebar

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