Setting up the Enquiry Only Activity Type

  1. You want to gauge interest in your planned activity.
  2. You wish to set up an Enquiry Only Activity to do so.
This document assumes the following.
  • You have a good idea of what your planned activity will be.

  • You understand how to set up an activity.

How do I set up an Enquiry Only Activity?

You may wish to have an enquiry only option whilst you are finalising an activity, or it may be a trial activity and you would like to see numbers and its viability before creating regular sessions.

The 'Enquiry Only' option will allow customers to see a brief on the activity and have the ability to make contact with you for further information.  This allows you to capture interest and contact details for potential attendees of your activities.

The steps to create an Enquiry only activity are as follows:

1.  Under the 'Activities Tab' select the activity you require.

2. Set up your activity in the way you would any other, enter details about the activity, images, times and costs.

3. Ensure you still accurately enter the maximum numbers for your session and costs per lesson/class. 

Enquiry only- dates, cost, etc 

4. Continue to enter the days you wish to run each week with the time period for the entire programme, but close the days off so that these cannot be booked, it will still display the days and run period, along with costs from the customers perspective, but prevents the selection of days as it is enquiry only. Near the bottom of the page, set 'Hide the booking form and only take enquiries through an online form' to 'Yes'. This will remove the booking form and allow the enquiry form to appear instead.

5. When you have saved your activity you will see a pop up confirming it has been saved. 

Enquiry only settings saved


6. Your session will display as below. When selected, details about the activity and the enquiry form will display for the customer to complete. 

enquiry only- activities displayed 1/3


enquiry only- activities displayed 2/3


enquiry only- activities displayed 3/3


Awesome! You now know how to set up an Enquiry Only Activity.

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