BASC - OSCAR - Subsidy Pages Introduction

  1. You are operating a Before and/or Afterschool care business and are registered with WINZ to take OSCAR Subsidies.
  2. You need to apply these subsidies in a simple, clear and reportable fashion.

This document assumes you know the following.

  • The general layout of Enrolmy.
  • The WINZ weekly rhythm for communicating what Subsidies will be paid
  • What data is displayed on the OSCAR statements from WINZ

OSCAR Subsidy Pages Introduction

There are two main pages for managing OSCAR Subsidies in Enrolmy.

  1. Subsidy Overview Page
  2. Subsidy Detail Page

Getting around

In the activity select

  1. 'Plus' and then
  2. Subsidies.



You will land on the Subsidy Overview page. 

Subsidy Overview Page

The Subsidy Overview Page displays a week by week overview and breakdown of OSCAR subsidies. You can filter date ranges and see if certain weeks of OSCAR administration have been completed.

You can filter by

  • A.  Large time block (eg terms) or
  • B.  Date Ranges 

It will also give you summary totals for

  1. Booked Hours
  2. Attended Hours
  3. Charged Hours
  4. Arrears Totals
  5. Regular Totals
  6. Total
  7. Difference (OSCAR Overpayments)

The Status identifies if the week's OSCAR process has been completed or not.



To get to the weekly OSCAR detail - click on the date range you want to work with (Don't select the box at the start).  Click the actual dates as displayed in the Date Range column. 

The Subsidies Detail Page

The Subsidy Detail Page allows you to edit and save the OSCAR subsidies for the week. You can jump between weeks as well as see all the detail you need to stay on top of managing OSCAR.

You can jump between weeks as necessary

  • Use the Week switcher to jump between weeks
  • You will also shortly be able to upload your OSCAR PDF directly onto this page

It will also identify the following information for each attendee.

  1. SWN Number
  2. Attendee First name
  3. Attendee Last Name
  4. Switcher will then give Parent/Guardian First name and Last Name
  5. Booked Hours
  6. Attended Hours
  7. Charged Hours
  8. Subsidy Rate
  9. Switcher will then give a Subsidy End date
  10. Capped Hours (OSCAR Cap)
  11. OSCAR Hourly Rate
  12. Hours OSCAR is paying
  13. Total OSCAR payment for the week.
  14. Difference (any OSCAR Overpayment from WINZ)


Arrears Payment

  • You can also add Arrears Payments at the bottom of this page.


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