1. You are taking Payments in Advance for your before and After School Care
  2. You are managing your finance through Xero
  3. You Sync with Xero
This document assumes the following.
  • You understand the business rhythm when taking Payments in Advance.

  • You know how Enrolmy manages Payments in Advance.

  • You know how to use Xero proficiently.

How Do Prepayments Work With Enrolmy & Xero?

  • The process for creating and processing prepayments is different when your Enrolmy account is connected with Xero. 
  • Please note, for this setup: In Xero, we use the Overpayments feature, instead of Prepayments due to Xero restrictions.



How To Generate & Email Prepayment Requests

1. Generate the prepayment request for the preselected period.




2. Use the tickbox to select all customers with a generated prepayment

3. Select Email Prepayments



How To Manage Prepayments Within Xero

3. Parents pay for the requested fortnightly/monthly amount.

4. Reconcile the parent's payment by saving it as an Overpayment. Click here to see how to do this! 


How To Reconcile Prepayment Attendance (+ Subsidies Add-On)

5. Reconcile the attendance within Enrolmy each day.

6. Reconcile subsidies for the week.

7. Generate invoices for the selected period. (WINZ Credit Notes for the period are automatically applied)

8. Undergo a Xero Sync


Reconcile Overpayments Payments Inside Xero

9. Apply the parent's Overpayments 
to their invoices 
in Xero. Click here to see how to do this!

10. Email the parent a reciept


Tying Up Enrolmy

10. Undergo another xero sync to ensure that invoices are matching inside Xero & Enrolmy

11. Email the parents their statements.


 There are three possible outcomes here.

  • Outcome 1: the invoice is paid in full. If this is the case read step 10.
  • Outcome 2: There is still a balance to pay on the invoice. If this is the case, read step 12.
  • Outcome 3: There is a balance left on the Overpayment. This can be used on a future invoice. 


Awesome! You now know how to create and manage prepayments when your Enrolmy account is connected with Xero.



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