1. You are taking Payments in Advance for your before and After School Care
  2. You are managing your billing through Enrolmy only.
This document assumes the following.
  • You understand the business rhythm when taking Payments in Advance.

  • You understand the accounting role of Prepayments.

How to generate prepayment requests


Once you have set up your prepayment for the activity, and have received bookings, you will need to generate the request. 

1. Go to the activity you need to generate the prepayment requests for.

2. Click the '+' symbol next to the 'Bookings' button on the bar at the top of the activities page.

3. Click 'Prepayment Requests"



4. Select the time period (at the top of the page) that you need to generate the prepayment requests for.

5. Select all the attendees that you require prepayment requests for, alternatively you can use the 'select all' button to select everyone in the list.

6. Click the 'Generate Prepayment Requests' button at the top of the page.



7. Select the attendees you wish to create prepayment requests for or select all.

8. Click the 'generate prepayment requests' button at the bottom left of the page.

9. Click 'Ok' on the pop-up box that appears.

Your prepayment requests will be automatically generated and sent to the relevant attendees (or parents of the attendees).



Automatically apply Prepayments to invoices via the Invoice Generator (Non-Xero users only)

For Before and Afterschool Care customers, who are not using Xero, it is possible to have any outstanding prepayments automatically applied to invoices via the Invoice Generator.

There is a checkbox on the Invoice Generator tab:



If this option is checked then for each invoice that is generated the system will look for any outstanding prepayments that exist for the invoice bill payer, and then automatically apply those prepayments to the invoice.

The system will apply prepayments that have been created by Prepayment Requests first and apply those to the appropriate invoice. If there is still a total outstanding on the invoice then it will look for any remaining outstanding prepayments that belong to the bill payer (ie the parent of the child).

One thing to note is that, except for prepayments that are linked to a Prepayment Request, the system will attempt to look for any prepayments belonging to the bill payer of the invoice (ie parent of the child) regardless of which activity that prepayment may have been for, or which child the prepayment may originally have been for. This may result in invoices, on occasion, being paid off with payments originally intended for another sibling or another activity.


Awesome! You now know how to generate prepayment requests for your activities in Enrolmy.

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