How to Use the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App

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This document assumes the following.
  • You have already created a staff login 

  • You have already downloaded the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application


The Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application - Overview

The Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App can be used by organisation staff. Ensure the correct access rights have been granted.

- Search and view past, current and future activities they are assigned too.

- Contact or view emergency information for child/ren in the programme

- Take profile photos of approved child/ren

- Mark absent or sign child/ren in and out of the programme

- Create ad-hoc roll calls

- Quick-view important health and safety information of attending child/ren

- Perform attendance reconciliation

- Quick book child/ren

- Email attendees


Each Tab Described in Detail

All Attendees Tab

The 'All Attendees' tab gives a full list of all the children (attendees) associated (have ever been historically booked into an activity) with the Activity/Programme, as well as their enrolment form information.

To access the information just click on the child attendees name. This will take you to a page with the Enrolment detail.




Attendee Photos

Take profile photos for the child/ren attending your programme. 

  1. Click on the attendee name and quick-view if the parent has given you photo permissions.

  2. If so, then select the camera icon and follow the prompts to take the photo


Enrolment Information

All the information found in a child profile connects directly to the online enrolment form. Here you will find:

- Primary Contact/Guardian details that include: phone number, email address, and a mobile phone number

- Emergency contact information

- Family Doctor information

- Allergy information

- Medical information

- Who IS or IS NOT authorised to do pick ups


To immediately contact a child's primary contact/guardian, or emergency contact...

The options are to:
- phone,
- text
- email

Tap on a call, email or text icons next to each respective contact detail type.




Sign in/out Tab

View all the children booked in on a certain day and then sign them in/out, or mark absent. You can also add in extra attendee's here too.

Sign Child/ren In/Out and Mark Absent:

  1. All children booked in for the activity will initially show up in the No Status tab.

  2. At the beginning of the programme, swipe the child's name right to sign them in, or left mark them absent

  3. When the child leaves your care; head to the Signed In tab, and swipe left to sign the child out.






Add an Attendee to the Day

  1. At the top of the screen, click "Add attendee".

  2. Search for the child that you wish to add.

  3. Select their name, and select the session that they are attending.

  4. The child will then be added to the "No status" list for the day, and you can swipe to sign them in. A booking for the child will also be made.

Roll Calls Tab

Take a roll call at any time of the day, this feature is helpful for staff to ensure a group remains together on a field trip or after kids group back together from dispersed activity time.


Create a Roll Call

  1. Select the Roll Call's button at the bottom of the screen. Then select, 'Create a New Roll Call'

  2. Create a name for your roll call and select continue

  3. Choose your session that you wish to create a roll call within and continue

  4. All child/ren booked into the selected session will show on your roll call list, you can also add any extra child/ren to this list if need be; using the add attendee button.

  5. From the 'Not Present; list, you can swipe right to mark the child/ren as present

  6. Select 'Done' to save the list.





Run a Roll Call Again

You may need to run the same roll call again. To do so is simple:

  1. Go into your activity and tap the Roll Call tab.  You should see your previously run roll call under the list of "Completed" roll calls.  

  2. Tap this roll call and you will be taken to the roll call summary screen, at the top of this screen you will see the "Re-run this roll call" option.

  3. When you tap "Re-run this roll call" an exact copy of the original roll call you created earlier in the day will be created, with the same name, same filters, but all children will again be marked as "Not present".  

  4. You can then begin your roll call again by swiping children in as "Present".



Finalise the roll call by tapping the "tick" icon at the right top corner.



Tracking the Roll Calls for Attendance

All Roll Call's lodged in the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application will be lodged and found within the Attendance tab in your Enrolmy Desktop App.  There you will be able to clearly see...

- When each roll call was taken,

- Who took the Roll Call

- And the total number of children Present and Not Present.

- It is also possible to view a full list of all attendees and the reasons why "Not present" attendees were marked as absent.


Roll Call FAQ:

 Q: What if a child's name is not on the list?

Only children that have been signed-in for the day can be added to a roll call. If they do not appear on the list it means they were marked absent, or not added to the signed in list prior.

Q: What if a child remains as 'Not Present'

You need to provide a reason for why the child is absent before you can continue. You'll be prompted to do this on the roll call summary screen.

  1. Simply enter the reason why the child is absent

  2. Tap the tick (Android) or "Done" (iOS) in the top right corner of the screen.


Info Tab

The info section on the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile Application clearly displays important health and safety information from each child's enrolment: Allergies, Medical Information, Authorized and Unauthorized Pick-Ups, as well as Photo Permissions, Attendance Notes and Custom Questions. The information is displayed according to what children are attending the programme that day.  



  1. Within the info tab, select the acorn icon to pull up the list of all children with allergies attending the programme that day.



Medical Information

  1. Within the info tab, select the medicine case icon and view the list of children with identified medical instructions



Authorized and Unauthorized Pick Ups

  1. Within the info tab, select the family icon with the tick or cross to view if there are any children with specific pick up instructions




Photo Permissions

  1. Within the info tab, select the camera icon to view all the child/ren who are able to have photo's taken



Attendance Notes

Two special system generated notes will also show on the Notes tab for special situations, such as:

  • when a child has an incomplete Safety Form
  • and, if it is the child’s birthday.

Any notes added to the Attendance view will be shown too:







Custom Questions

Answers from all Custom Questions asked in the Safety Form will flow to this section.



For information regarding the Menu Tab, please see here.

Congratulations! You understand How to Use the Enrolmy for Providers Mobile App!

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