How To Handle Activity Vouchers in Enrolmy

  1. You are an Active or Creative Kids Activity Provider that runs out of NSW Australia 
  2. You have an activity ready to take bookings 
  3. You want to utilise Enrolmy's Activity Voucher feature
This document assumes you know the following.
  • You have an account already with the NSW Portal 

See how to take the hassle out of handling the NSW Active and Creative Kids Vouchers

 Please note that the Active Kids Vouchers/Creative Kids Voucher can be used for all activity types however there are some conditions:

  1. The activity must run for at least 8 weeks

  2. Cannot be used alongside an activity which utilizes free trials

  3. Invoices must be generated in advance and once for the whole activity 


How To Set Up The Voucher Feature In Your Account 

In order to Enable the voucher feature in your Enrolmy Organisation account, you will need to contact Enrolmy Support to request to have this added to your subscription and enabled inside your account.

  • The voucher feature is an additional $20 a month on top of your monthly subscription.


How To Set Up The Voucher feature in your activity

1. Click Edit Activity in your activity

2. Turn on the Active Kids Voucher/Creative Kids Voucher feature 




You will need to switch this on in all of your activities this voucher can be applied to.  


How To Process The Vouchers

  1. Click the '+' tab and select Active Kids Vouchers/Creative Kids Vouchers


Confirming A Voucher 

  1. Copy the voucher code and other relevant information using the blue clipboard into the NSW portal, if the voucher has been successfully submitted then:


  1. In Enrolmy select the tickbox and click Mark as confirmed
  2. Click on the Money Tab and Email the outstanding amount left on the invoice, or email the customer to confirm they have been accepted into the programme.

Rejecting A Voucher

  1. Copy the voucher code and other relevant information using the blue clipboard into the NSW portal, if the voucher has been rejected then:


  1. In Enrolmy select the tickbox, click Mark as rejected. Enrolmy will automatically un-apply the Credit Note from the invoice.
  2. Click on the Money tab and Email the customer to inform them that the Credit has been rejected and email the full invoice.



How To Manually Enter The Voucher Codes

1. Click Invoicing within the activity.
2. Select the action arrow and then the action Cog on the invoice 
3. Click Apply Active Kids Voucher/Creative Kids Vouchers and enter the correct voucher details and Save Changes.  





What if a parent enters in a Voucher code twice?

Enrolmy will not recognise duplicate voucher codes, you will need to submit the voucher code to the NSW portal in order to get confirmation that it has already been used. 

Are there instance examples for why/when/how a voucher credit note would just become unapplied without me triggering this?

No, but you could easily unapply the credit note from the invoice (via Money tab or Xero) without realising its for a voucher.

When the “Mark as rejected” button is ticked, what happens to the invoice?

This will only void the credit note and NOT the invoice. If you don’t want to keep the booking then you can go through the booking cancellation process to inform the customer that the booking has been cancelled.

If I want to enter a voucher code manually, would I be able to do this on a draft invoice?

Yes, you will be able to!

If I rebook children in for next term myself, are the parents still able to submit their voucher details?
Re-enrolling the children yourself will also mean that you will have to take all the voucher detail yourself and apply against the invoice. 
If you wish to use the voucher feature then it would be best to have the parents re-book themselves in and submit the voucher details in the process.
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