How A Parent Can Register An Activity Voucher


  1. You have an Active Kids Voucher for your child and would like to use this when booking an activity
  2. You have a Creative Kids Voucher for your child and would like to use this when booking an activity


How To Use An Active or Creative Kids Voucher on Enrolmy

Creative or Active Kids Voucher details can be submitted during your booking process. 


1. Select which activity you would like to book your child into. 

2. On the booking form for the activity of your choice, select the tickbox that asks if you have a Creative or Active Kids Voucher

3. Enter the details on your voucher

 - Your child's name (as shown on the voucher)

- Your child's date of birth

- The voucher number (do not enter spaces or dash's into the field)

- The expiry date of the voucher.



4. Proceed with your booking and the voucher balance will automatically deduct from the total activity cost. 

5. If applicable, please pay the remaining amount on your invoice.


Awesome! You are now booked into your term programme and have successfully submitted your Creative or Active Kids Voucher!


Please note:

- You can only use your voucher once per child 

- The activity must run for at least 8 week

- The voucher cannot be used alongside an activity which utilizes free trials.

- If your voucher is rejected by the NSW Government, your activity provider will be in touch.










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