How To Resolve Xero Sync Issues

  1. You want to troubleshoot issues that you are seeing with your Xero Sync
This document assumes the following.

Your Xero Sync Error Log

Within the Xero Sync section of your Enrolmy account, you will see your organisations Xero Log. This will highlight any recent invoice credit note or contact information that has not synced with Xero correctly. The Xero Sync Log will contain the complete history of all contact, invoice and credit note information that has ever had an issue with flowing through the sync correctly.



  • The Action section will highlight if the issue with an invoice, contact, payment or credit note information is related to Enrolmy, or Xero.
  • The Reference column will give your the invoice number, credit note detail, or payment information that the issue relates too
  • The Error column will explain why the issue has occurred. Please see Xero Central for all error explanations.


Common Xero Sync Issues & How to Resolve Them

If invoices, credit notes, contact or payment information is not sending to Xero then;

- It is likely that the Enrolmy billpayer has been archived inside Xero. You will need to restore the contact inside Xero for their Enrolmy invoice, credit note, payment detail to send to Xero.


If you have duplicate contacts inside of Xero then:

  • Merge or archive the duplicate contact inside Xero.
  • Or if the second contact inside Xero has an extensive financial history that you need to follow up with, then it would be best for you to bring the outstanding balance of the Xero Customer, through to Enrolmy. You can do this by...
  1. Head to the Money tab inside Enrolmy, and select New Invoice
  2. Create a new invoice for the customer with the total dollar amount that reflects their outstanding balance inside Xero. 
  3. Undergo a Xero Sync to send their invoice through to Xero. The total outstanding balance will now be attached to the new Xero Contact for the customer that Enrolmy created. 


Not all invoices, credit notes, overpayments, or payments pulled through to Enrolmy or Xero. What can I do? 

Undergo a month by month Xero Sync.

1. Within the Xero Sync section, select Launch Xero Sync

2. Select Change Last Sync Time

3. Select the month that you want to back-date the sync too and click Start Sync



Enrolmy will run a Xero sync for the selected months' date period only. This should pick up any missed overpayments, payment, applied credit notes or refunded credit note detail.


My applied payments inside Xero are not showing in Enrolmy?

- Prepayments do not pull through to Enrolmy from Xero. If you have applied prepayments against invoices inside Xero then you will need too;

1. Remove and redo the payment from the invoice inside Xero

2. Save the prepayment as an overpayment

3. Apply the overpayment against the invoice inside Xero

4. Undergo another a Xero Sync


Only some of my Xero-generated credit notes are showing inside Enrolmy?

Enrolmy will only pull through credit notes that have been fully or part-applied against invoices in Xero. If there are credit notes inside Xero that have not yet been applied to invoices, they will not display inside Enrolmy.


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