How To Maintain Your Tablet for the Sign-In Kiosk

  • You need to update your tablet hardware and software's
This document assumes the following


Tablet Maintenance

Every few weeks your organisation should follow the below steps to update your tablet's general system settings and applications.



Kiosk App Maintenance

You will only need to follow the steps below once every few months to ensure that any new updates Enrolmy have made to the Sign-In Kiosk App, install on your tablet. 

Apple Devices Android Devices

1. On your tablet device, open the App Store

2. Select Updates

3.Update The Enrolmy Sign-In Kiosk App

1. On your tablet device, open the Play Store

2. Select menu

3. Select My Apps & Games

3.Update The Enrolmy Sign-In Kiosk App


If you are experiencing an issue with the Sign-In Kiosk App then see what steps you can take to resolve it here.

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