How Draft Invoices & Credit Notes Work

  1. You want to understand why draft invoice or credit notes are being automatically generated
  2. You want to understand when draft invoices or credit notes are automatically generated.
This document assumes the following;
  1. You understand the reconciliation flow for your activity type
  2. You understand how to approve, email invoices
  3. You understand how to allocate credit notes

For the sake of ensuring that you have more control over what is emailed out to customers and when; Enrolmy will always generate draft invoices and credit notes when manual changes are made by yourself or staff. Changes such as;

  • Attendance changes
  • Booking management changes
    • Edited bookings
    • Moving a child to another activity
  • Generating bulk invoices in arrears
  • Crediting for make-up classes
  • Adding children to classes or sessions
  • Cancelling bookings

Draft invoices are automatically generated when;

  • Your staff generate invoices in bulk when invoicing in arrears for before and after school care and holiday programme activity types.
  • Your staff quick book a child into an activity.
  • Your staff manually add an attendee to an activity and choose to generate an invoice.
  • Your staff add a session against a child on the attendance form, that has not already been paid for by the parent. 
  • Your staff convert an adjustment to an invoice from within classes and lessons, holiday programme, team sports, or registration activity types.
  • Within the classes and lessons activity type; your staff move a child to another activity.

Draft credit notes are automatically generated when;

  • A fully paid booking is cancelled
  • A session is cancelled that has been paid for. 
  • A student is marked absent, with no charge - but they have paid for the term already
  • Your staff convert an adjustment into a credit note

Awesome! Now you should understand what circumstances trigger automatically generated draft invoices and credit notes!

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