How to Filter Direct Discount Customers

  1. You wish to give a particular customer or family a discount.
  2. You want the discount to apply to a specific activity type or to all bookings.
This document assumes the following.

How to Filter Direct Discount Customers 

This filtered list shows direct discount customers only. You will not see customers who are receiving activity discounts; such as Earlybird or Multiple Booking here.

1. Navigate to the Customers tab and click the '+' button.

2. Select Direct Discount Customers.



4. Here you can: Export to CSV, search by activity type, filter the customers, or select multiple customers.


5. Edit a discount and the expiry date here, by clicking the Action cog on the right-hand side of the customers' details.

6. Click Save Changes when you are finished updating and making changes. 


Awesome! Now you know how to filter your direct discount customers!

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