Understand WINZ Payments In Arrears

Sometimes, WINZ works in mysterious ways and it is common for WINZ Payments to be paid out irregularly. Some weeks, you will receive a payment for an attendee that is intended to cover a date period that is long gone. Arrears payments are usually identified in two ways on the WINZ Statement

1. An Arrears payment with a specified date range

2. An arrears payment with an unspecified date range

The Enrolmy Reconciliation Process handles these arrears payments in different ways.


Reconciling an Arrears payment with a specified date range

1. Arrears payments will be revealed on the week that the WINZ Statement specified - even if the WINZ Statement was originally uploaded into a different week.



2. To identify the week that the arrears payment appeared on, that week will show as a partially reconciled status on the subsidy overview page. Clicking into the week and saving and finalizing the form, will generate a WINZ Credit Note for the arrears payment



Reconciling an Arrears payment with an un-specified date range

If the WINZ Statement does not specify a date range for the arrears payment, then the arrears payment will display on the week that the WINZ Statement is uploaded against. A WINZ Credit Note will be created for the arrears payment, when the subsidy reconciliation is saved and finalized for that week. 

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