How Subscription Active Attendee Numbers Are Calculated


Active Attendee Definition

An active attendee is a customer who has made at least one booking into a programme your organization runs within the last six months.

  • One customer may book into five programmes that you run within a six month period. This would total one active attendee. Enrolmy does not calculate each booking as an active attendee. 1  customer who has made bookings/a booking within the last six months = 1 active attendee.
  • You may have 1000 customers within your database. But only 100 customers have made bookings within your programmes over the last six months. Your active attendee number would total 100.


How To Find Your Active Attendee Number

1. Select your organisation name in the top left hand corner of your Enrolmy Instance

2. Your active attendee detail will display, you can review

  • Your subscription active attendee cap
  • If your active attendee cap is oversubscribed and by what percentage

3. By selecting your active attendee number, you will be taken to the Billinh & Account section of your Enrolmy Instance. 

4. Here you can review how your active attendee number relates to your existing subscription plan and if you are scheduled to move up a plan.



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