Cancel An Unpaid Booking - Team Sports Activity Type

  • You want to cancel a booking for a customer who has not paid for your Team Sports Activity.
This document assumes the following.
  • You are running a Sports Teams Activity type.

  • You have taken bookings in your Team Sports Activity.
  • Your Team Sports Activity's settings are set to invoice customers in advance.
  • This customer has not paid their invoice at the point of cancellation.

How To Cancel An Unpaid Booking

  1. Within your activity head to the All Teams tab.
  2. Click on the Action Cog on the row of the customer's name.
  3. Select Remove from Activity
  4. Click OK to and type a reason for the Cancellation.
  5. The booking will be removed, and unpaid invoices will be voided.



How To Check Voided Invoices

1. Head to the Money and All tab

2. You will see your recently voided invoice listed here. 




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