How To Process A Bank Transfer Refund

  • You want to refund a customer by bank transfer.
  • You need to know how to reconcile that bank transfer refund inside Enrolmy.
This document assumes the following.
  • You have correctly cancelled your booking which generated a credit note automatically.


STEP 1: How To Process A Bank Transfer Refund in Enrolmy

Complete the following steps;

1. Within the Money -> Credit Notes, Draft/ Current Tab, find the customer's credit note.

2. Select the credit note to open it and choose +More.

3. Complete the refund details;

  • Select bank transfer as the refund option
  • Input the reference for the refund
  • Ensure the refund total amount = the credit note total amount.

4. Select Create Refund.

5. The credit note will now be marked off as Paid.



STEP 2: Transfer funds to the customer

Now you can do a manual bank transfer to your customer through your internet banking. Please note that STEP 2 can be prioritised and done as STEP 1 when required.

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