External Redirect Activity Type Set Up

  1. You want to create an activity that redirects to another webpage. 
This document assumes you know the following.
  • You have published your minisite

The external redirect activity type will create an activity tile that displays on your Enrolmy Minisite. But when a parent selects this activity tile, they will be redirected to another webpage of your choosing. 


How to identify an external redirect activity type in the activities list:



How To Setup An External Redirect Activity Type

1. Head to the Activities menu and select Create An Activity. 

2. Scroll down to select More Activity Types, then choose the External Redirect tile and click Lets Go!



3. Input an activity name for the activity tile title. 

4. Paste your web page URL into the Redirect URL field. 

5. Use the tickbox to choose to redirect customers immediately when selecting the activity tile on the minisite. (Advised to select this option)



6. Choose your activity category

7. Select the venue of the activity/programme (still needs to be completed)

8. Optionally input an activity description.



9. Upload a PDF attachment if need be. 

10. We recommend you upload an image to the activity tile. 

11. Within the Online Publishing Settings, select Yes to show your activity publically. 

12. Save changes for your activity.



How To View Your External Redirect Activity Online

1. Head to your Minisite Settings

2. Select your Minisite URL, this should open up another tab in your browser.



3. Scroll down on your minisite page, you should see your external redirect activity tile. 

4. Select the tile, and in another tab, you will be taken to the web page URL that you linked to this activity settings.


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