How To Create WINZ Suspense Account Codes


  1. Your organisation uses Xero Accounting Software
  2. You are an approved OSCAR provider
  3. You are wanting to use the Enrolmy Subsidy Reconciliation Process
  4. You have multiple OSCAR approved sites.

This document assumes you know the following.

  • You understand basic accounting principles and how to navigate Xero Accounting Software
  • You understand the general layout of Enrolmy

1. Within Xero, head to your Chart of Accounts and select Add New Account

2. The account type needs to be set as Current Liability

3. The code needs to align with your other current liability codes.

4. Within the Name field, you need to input the following "(Insert your venue name) OSCAR Suspense Account"

5. The Description should say "OSCAR Transactions from Enrolmy and OSCAR Payments from WINZ are mapped to this account."

6. Select No Tax in the Tax field.

7. You must select to Enable Payments to this account.


Now see how to code this venue's OSCAR suspense account here - How To Assign WINZ Account Codes


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