How Parents Can Upload or Update Credit/Debit Card Details

  1. You are a parent and you want to know how to manage your credit/debit cards loaded onto Enrolmy
This document assumes the following.
  • You have children booked into activities

  • You have outstanding invoices to pay.


How To Upload Your Credit/Debit Card To Enrolmy

1. Login to your Enrolmy Account

2. Head to the My Credit Card section

3. Select Add Credit Card

4. Input your credit card details onto Enrolmy's secure platform for ease of activity payments. 




How To Update Your Credit/Debit Card Details

1. While logged into your Enrolmy Account, head to the My Credit Cards section

2. Select Replace Card

3. Input your new card details

4. If you wish to permanently remove old card details then select Remove Card.


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