How To Setup Enrolmy Customer ID's Against Xero Contacts

  1. You want to know how to link a customer Enrolmy ID against the same contact inside Xero
  2. You want to know how to use Enrolmy ID's as payment references during payment reconciliation inside Xero

This document assumes you know the following.

  • You understand basic accounting principles and how to navigate Xero Accounting Software
  • Your organisation has activated the Xero Add-On

Enrolmy ensures that all customers have an Enrolmy ID associated with it. This can be used as a payment reference that customers use to speed up the bank reconciliation process within Xero. There are four steps to be followed in order to use Enrolmy ID’s within Xero:

  1. Setup Enrolmy ID's against Xero contacts

  2. How To Create A Xero Rule against Xero contacts - Create A Xero Bank Rule Using Enrolmy ID's

  3. Communicate with parents to use this Enrolmy ID as a reference - Communicate Payment Reference Needs To Parents

How To Setup Enrolmy Customer ID's Against Xero Contacts

Firstly; find your Enrolmy customer ID's.

1. Head to your Customers tab

2. Select the # icon next to show

3. The Contact column will then display the customer's Enrolmy ID



Once you have identified where to find these Enrolmy ID’s, you then need to add these to each contact account within Xero. This can be achieved by:

1. Log into your Xero account

2. Select Contacts,  then All Contacts

3. Search and select the relevant contact that you want to add the Enrolmy ID too

4. Select Edit and Add Account Code

5. Save changes

*You will need to complete the above process for each contact.



Now work through your next step here - Create A Xero Bank Rule Using Enrolmy ID's

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