Activities Tab: Full Attendance Report Overview

  1. You want to know how to find a report of all booked and attended numbers across your activities. 

This document assumes you know the following.

  • You have current or concluded activities. 


Find The Full Attendance Report

 This report shows booking numbers and attendance numbers across all activities in great detail.

1. Within the Activities Menu, select the blue +

2. Select Full Attendance Report



Full Attendance Report Features

With this report it is possible to see:

  • Max. Places - Attendee limit for that whole activity

  • Booked Places - How many children are booked to attend that activity.

  • Waiting List - How many children are currently on your waiting list

  • Remaining Places - How many spaces are available to be booked

  • Walk ups - these are children who did not have bookings prior to the day, but were added to the attendance on the mobile app, desktop applications.

There are different filters that can be used in order to view different aspects within this report. The best combination of filters to be utilized in order to see attendance numbers would be;

  • Select dates to view only a week or two weeks at a time

  • Select the venue of interest




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