Setup WINZ Statement Email Forwarding to Enrolmy

  1. You recieve WINZ Payment Statements weekly by email, and want to automatically forward and load these inside Enrolmy.
This document assumes the following.
  • You are utlising Enrolmy's OSCAR Reconciliation feature

  • You are receiving WINZ Statements to your email address
  • You are the administrator that usually uploads the WINZ Statements to Enrolmy

Instead of downloading Work and Income Statement attachments and then re-uploading them to Enrolmy, you can email Work and Income Statements directly to Enrolmy. Enrolmy will automatically upload the WINZ Statement to the Subsidies section as a draft for you.


Process Overview

  1. You receive Work and Income statements from MSD via email

  2. You will forward this email to Enrolmy via

  3. Enrolmy receives the email and reads the email subject line
    The subject of emails from MSD should match the location of the site, for example, “Bayview School”.

  4. Enrolmy opens the attachment and automatically uploads the Work and Income Statement to the Subsidy section

  5. You work through the rest of the WINZ reconciliation process.


How To Setup Bulk WINZ Statement Uploader

There is a one-time configuration step that is required for each of your venues in order for Enrolmy to receive statement emails. To prepare to receive emails;

1. Within your Organisation Settings, navigate to the WINZ Statements section.



2. Within the WINZ Statement section, select Add Another Location; A “WINZ Statement Automation” entry must be made for every site/location that MSD sends email statements.

3. In the Email Subject field: input the exact email subject that MSD sends to you for that Statement. For every venue that you have, the email subject will be unique and usually host the venue name. 

4. Enter the location SWN code for that venue

5. Select the corresponding venue

6. Select Save Changes



7. Add each venue, one by one.

8. Now when you receive your WINZ Statements by email, you can forward those emails directly to


Configure Email Forwarding From Your Inbox

We recommended that you forward emails from your email account to rather than asking MSD to email statements directly to Enrolmy. This is so that you receive a copy of the statement for your own records in case there is a fault with Enrolmy.


1. However, it should be possible for you to configure mail forwarding to send all emails from MSD on to Enrolmy. Instructions for how to do this will vary for different email clients (eg Gmail, Outlook etc).

  • Gmail email forwarding instructions here
  • Outlook email forwarding instructions here
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