How To Send Promo Codes To Customers

  1. You are wanting to send your Promo Codes to your customers. 

This document assumes you know the following.


Where to find your Promo code to copy 

1. In your settings select the Promo Code section 

2. Click into the Promo Code you would like to send

3. Highlight code and copy.  



How to send Promotional Links

Links to an activity booking page that can apply a Promo Code automatically can be created by appending ?promocode={the code} to the URL for an activity.

1. Copy the Activity URL 

2. Add ?promocode={the code} with your chosen Promo Code embedded





Email your Promo code or link from Enrolmy 

Once you have copied the correct Promo code head to the Communications tab to send the code via email.

To help with the best way to email from Enrolmy see the help docs below: 

Email your Promo code or link outside of Enrolmy 

Once you have copied the correct Promo Code then paste it into your chosen email system and Send.  


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